I grew up in a small country town called Seaham, about 40 minutes north of Newcastle, NSW in Australia. I always had an interest in music from a young age and spent younger years playing Slim Dusty and The Beatles records at my grandparents place. It wasn’t until I started high school back in 2002 when I saw the drum kit in music class that I decided that I wanted to get drum lessons. I took lessons for about six months until my parents bought me my first kit for Christmas that year. Around that time I had also started listening to bands like Green Day, Blink 182, The Offspring, Frenzal Rhomb etc, so I spent all my free time trying to play along with these bands and gave up on drum lessons. With there being not a lot to do in Seaham I found drums becoming my main focus.

Local Resident Failure

A few years later in 2007 I joined my first (and current) band Local Resident Failure and we started playing shows around Newcastle and then begun touring around Australia. We released a few EPs and played a heap of shows before starting to record our debut album in 2010. I tracked all the drums for the album in late 2010 but the rest of the recording process was taking a while (the album didn’t get released until mid 2012), so I decided to start on another project in the meantime. I was also midway through studying a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Media Production at university so I figured that it would make sense to start filming drum covers as it was a way to practice filming, editing, recording and performing all at the same time.

Drum Videos

I filmed a cover of Blink 182’s ‘Hearts All Gone’ from their newly released album ‘Neighbourhoods’ and released it on YouTube. I kept recording covers for some of my other favourite tracks for a while until I decided to try something different and record drum medleys. Starting with a medley of some of my favourite Blink 182 drum parts randomly thrown together I decided it could be done better and moved on to medleys that chronologically progress. The first chronological medley I attempted covered every Fat Wreck Chords release from their beginning as a label up until the time of recording. I thought it would be cool to try and capture the progression of the label and it’s artists and put it all together in a short video that would also test of my drumming ability. I was lucky enough to score my first ‘viral’ video and was completely blown away with the response. From then I decided that drum chronologies were the way to go and put together another for Epitaph Records. These two videos were quite long with the Epitaph video being the longest at about 20 minutes long. I decided that realistically no-one would want to sit down and watch a drumming video for 20 minutes so I came up with the concept of a 5 Minute Drum Chronology, where a self imposed limit of 5 minutes is put in place to cover a single bands entire catalogue. Starting with Green Day as the first 5 Minute Chronology I have also covered bands such as Frenzal Rhomb, NOFX, Rise Against, Strung Out, Blink 182, Pennywise, Foo Fighters, Chris Duke and the Royals, Lagwagon and The Offspring.

Future Plans

I have a long list of bands that I want to cover for 5 Minute Drum Chronologies and have plans to work on them along with a few other ideas. LRF have plans to head back overseas after having such a good time on our 2014 Europe Tour and will also undertake some Australian touring. I’m also hoping to spend more time behind the kit with plans to do some session work and start giving drum lessons in the near future. I am currently preparing to head to the USA to play The Beatles Chronology during halftime at a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden later in 2016.